The Company

Callahan Engineering, PLLC was founded by Chris Callahan in 2005 with the vision of being a small-scale, sustainable power and waste engineering firm achieving a positive triple bottom line (i.e. financial, environmental, and social net benefit) for ourselves and our clients. A guiding principle for the firm is to bring multi-disciplinary engineering services to agriculture at a reasonable cost.

The firm has specialized over the years to cater to three main client markets:

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Energy – Technical assistance supporting  sustainable biodiesel and other biofuels, renewable greenhouse heating, and on-farm energy efficiency.
  • R&D and Technology Transfer – Consulting services focused on development of new energy technologies, products and services.  Including transfer of technology from one business to another and integration assistance.
  • Project Management – Administrative and project leadership services focused on development, maintenance and execution of a plan.

About Chris

Chris has enjoyed solving clients’ technical problems for years in fields ranging from data management to hardware design and energy systems integration. He has worked in industry, volunteered with non-profits and municipal government and has consulted for a variety of clients.

Trained in mechanical engineering and business management with degrees in both from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Chris currently focuses his work on sustainable agriculture and, in particular, on-farm energy issues.  The scope of this work has included, detailed design of biodiesel processors, safety reviews, feasibility studies, oil and fuel quality, project management, economic assessment tools, and outreach & education.

Over the years, Chris has also developed systems engineering practices based on principles established by INCOSE.  Licensed as a professional engineer (PE), Chris is active in the advancement of the engineering profession. He has been involved in the development of standards and recommended practice in the renewable energy field.

Chris has lived and conducted business in the United States, Asia, and Europe, and presently resides in Cambridge, NY with his wife and son.


  • MBA – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Hartford, CT
  • PE – License State of New York (#084264)
  • BSME – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Troy, NY


  • Technical problem solving: needs definition ◦ feasibility studies ◦ requirements specification ◦ conceptual design ◦ detail design ◦ safety review / FMEA ◦ integration ◦ commissioning ◦ testing ◦ troubleshooting ◦ project management
  • Sustainable biofuels and ag-energy: oilseed production systems analysis ◦ sweet sorghum ethanol systems analysis ◦ biomass-fueled space heating ◦ greenhouse energy efficiency
  • Fuel cell systems: cell stack design and test ◦ electrochemical component and system modeling ◦ system concepts and integration ◦ prototype FC vehicles ◦ verification and validation ◦ codes and standards ◦ business development
  • Advanced combustion systems: combustion science ◦ boiler design ◦ burner design ◦ prototype integration ◦ testing
  • Database management and custom computer applications: data management concepts ◦ custom programming ◦ support ◦ advanced spreadsheet & modeling tools ◦ financial and operational modeling